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Written by Matt Kosater   

Gold Key Homes is owned by Oberer Development Co. They are located in Dayton, Ohio. Homes sites available in the Dayton, Ohio metro area.



  • Mortgage company was great to work with.
  • Sales person that is based in Richard's Run (Springboro) development is excellent!
  • One stop shopping. Oberer owns Horizon Mortgage which allows them to offer no closing cost and very competitive rates.
  • Good prices (on standard, included items, watch out on the upgrades).


  • 6 months past my one year review, and I still have not had all of the problems fixed in the house. In fact, there are problems brought up in my 3-month still not corrected. I have 14 items on the list that are new or are from previous work requests. I faxed another list to them on 6/11/00. I still have not had any follow up done (as of 7/2/00).
  • Some concerns on the "attention to detail". The floors in my house started squeaking the day we moved in. I understand there is some settling, but jeez at least give a quiet floor for the first year.
  • Some concerns on the sub contractors. Had problems with the grating and concrete. The problems have not been resolved to my complete satisfaction.

The Employees

  • Sales Rep was EXTREMELY helpful. I didn't feel the sales person just "handed" me off to the construction folks. She really helped resolve issues with the construction side of things.
  • Job foreman was very helpful with many issues. The first answer was never "NO". It may have come later mind you, but you didn't feel that the answer was absolute.
  • The warranty person is very helpful. However; do not rely on just telling this person what is wrong, make sure the problem is submitted on a work order. You will need to call multiple times on many things. I think they need to have a tracking system of some type.

The Model

The Lancaster
(note the link goes to the Lancaster II, our exact home plan no longer exists)

Specific Problems

  • Floors are very bouncing and Squeaky. I think Oberer/GoldKey used thinner plywood than some other developers. I am sure it was code, by my floor bounce a lot when walking on them and the squeak horribly.
  • The second bath toilet had a leak, so they had to replace the flooring. When they did, they skim coated the floor. I think the contractor was hung over or something because the floor is now slanted. If you sit on the toilet, you lean to one side. Very annoying for the women.
  • Speaking of bathrooms, pay attention to where they place the toilet paper roll holders. At first they put mine behind the toilet. Complete unreachable for kids. Then they put it across from the toilet, see previous problem. Gold-key has no "official" placement for them. They leave it up to the contractor. So don't expect it to look like the model.
  • Make sure you watch where Gold-Key positions the outside hose bibs. Gold-Key seems to have chosen very silly placement for mine. About a foot if that off the ground. I ca not get a bucket under the faucet. Also, make sure they are not putting it in a "Difficult" place to reach. They put the one in front way back in my landscaping. I guess it beats where they where going to put it, in the garage.
  • If they are going to sod your yard, I would suggest you pay attention to the soil type. Gold-Key does not prepare the ground other than grating. If you have typical Ohio clay soil, the sod will not do very well, specially if you have a basement. They dig the basement and spread all that nice hard clay over your yard. I would suggest you get some top soil worked into the ground. All in all I was not pleased with how the yard was prepared. The yard is a real "ankle breaker". Many dips and valleys from the ground settling.
  • They placed the outside air conditioner to close to the family room, makes it very noisy in the summer.
  • I mentioned about the concern over the concrete poured for my house. The patio had to be replaced twice. The front walk once. There are some major chunks on the walk already. The driveway and garage has some "hollow sounding" pockets when I stomp my foot on it. I don't think the ground was prepared correctly.

Follow Up

I have been meaning to put a log of some type here on the site and update it yearly, as I thought it would be helpful for new home buyers to see the life cycle of a home. I may have missed the first few years, but it may still be helpful.

Year 3-5

Issues with the roofing. The roofing would not seal down so any wind would end up putting some shingles in the lawn. The product was made by RKO industries. I don't think I would use them when it is time re-roof it. A number of the houses in the neighborhood had problems. It was one of those things that the builder more than like likely couldn't help. I was upset that so many folks had issues though. Made me wonder. Tree had to be moved in the front yard because it was planted on the ditch dug for the water line. The soil settled and the tree sunk in. It looked like the Tower of Pisa.

6 years

Tree finally croaked in the front yard. Basically the tree sunk because of settling and the builder came to try to fix it. I think they damaged it by "forcing" it upright versus un-planting and replanting it. Had an issue with

7 years

Still problems with roofing coming off. Funny thing was the last roofer I had out to repair the roof also discovered that the test plugs were still in the pipe vents without proper collars. May explain why I thought we had horrid flushing problems.

Some pitting is occurring in the pavement. The settling of the garage is bother some. Any water coming of autos flows to the right against the house.


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