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Niko Electronics, Walnut, CA E-mail

These folks sell a line of HD LCD televisions. I have only seen them sold at, they list BUY.COM and Target as other retailers of their products. The reason they are gracing my consumer page is that they have produced an inferior product and have not been able to repair my television to my satisfaction.

I purchased one of the 32" LCD HD monitors March of '06. The model is OTP-3211W. While the TV performed well right off the bat. About 3 months into ownership, something happened to the set and there was a serious of lines down the center of the screen. So I had to send it back for warranty work. I did not have the box (my bad). I had to get it boxed and shipped to CA from OH. A cost of over $100. They returned the TV about 5 weeks later.

The television screen was repaired, but now my set had a high frequency "whine" sound to it when on. In fact I could hear it slightly when in stand by mode. I spoke with them and they said I could send it back, but it would have been another $75 dollars to ship. I decided to live with the sound. In December of '06, the set now started something new. The screen would turn on for about 2 seconds, and then quickly turn off. The sound worked, but I could not get the video signal to stick. Sooooo, back to Cali-forn-EYE-ay it went.

Another $75+ dollars in shipping. They had the set for 2 months. I sent multiple emails to support. I then called them only to have a promise of a returned call that never came. I finally got hold of them. I was told that it was just a "autosync" adjust issue. They had to set it from manual to automatic and it was fine. I asked if there was anything found defective. They said, "No". I am by no means a novice at televisions, and I tried resetting the autosync. Nothing I tried worked. I asked about the high pitch sound as well. They said they would check into it. They wanted to know if they should test the set longer. I asked why, they have had it for 2 months now, do they feel something else is wrong. They said ," no".

I got the television back in a week, the box was totally destroyed by now with all the trips to CA from OH, so I had to toss the box out. But hey, all should be well.. right? Well in about about 2-3 weeks, then the same problem started again. The exact same problem that they had the television for two months and and could not re-produce. So I called them to get yet another RMA, but was going to argue with them if I had to cover shipping again. They actually said they would cover it right off the bat. They also would ship me a new box to ship it back in. The new box came (no packing materials in it, but that is another story) and I shipped it off. HOWEVER!!! This time I was going to video record the issue, and put the video on Google Video. Sure enough, I followed up with and they could not reproduce the problem. I quickly sent them a link to my Google video and they replied to my email with a "we replace the television". Well, they sent me a television, not a new one but a different one. It seems to be working for now.

 Final Word: The company filed for bankruptcy a year or wo back, and is now no longer in business. So if you are looking t puchasing one of these TVs as part of a 'good deal', I would look elsewhere.If you have one and are experiencing problems, your only bet is to find a local repair place and see if they can address your issue., Powered by Joomla! and designed by SiteGround web hosting