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I have decided to put together my own page of experiences I have had with various companies and their products and services. This page is solely dedicated to the companies that have ticked me off or screwed me over in some way or another.

These accounts reflect the facts as I know them. If there are other facts that other party knew about, they certainly didn't shared them with me. If you do not agree with these, that is ok, I don't want to hear about it. I am not looking to discuss or debate my opinions and experiences with these companies.

If these articles persuade you to not do business with them, good. That will make me feel good. However; remember that a single experience of one individual does not mean that the companies will screw everyone over. Then again.... ;-).



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1 Lillicomputers.Com (a.k.a Leadman Electronics), Chicago, IL Monday, 12 November 2007
2 Niko Electronics, Walnut, CA Monday, 12 November 2007
3 Philips Electronics Monday, 12 November 2007, Powered by Joomla! and designed by SiteGround web hosting